The Unity Mind Is a State of Consciousness That Contains Universal Knowledge & Wisdom For Accelerated Learning, Self Healing, Empowerment, Guidance, Health, Prosperity & Abundance. The Unity Mind is also known as the Dimension of “Oneness.”

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We live in a extraordinary time of our lives. Technology is constantly improving our day to day lives, it’s automating human labor. It
can create more abundance and time freedom. But if technology can set us free can we also free ourselves? Can we free ourselves from fear, limited believes of lack and limitation, “I am not good enough” or anything else that could hold us back from living a life of connection, purpose and fulfillment?
I feel that we are starving, not for food or more information but for “Connection”. Connection with our own body, with each-other, with nature, with our purpose, a bigger cause or anything else that gives us a sense of purpose, joy, bliss and a deeper sense of fulfillment.
I have been on a path of personal development since the last decade of my life (and still I am) to search for that authentic connection. Breaking down my own survival mechanism that was keeping me stuck in a “quarantine” of fear and limited beliefs. I was lost in all sorts of distractions that was devastating for my own health, relationships, career and finances.
At this video blog you will primarily learn how to tap into your own “Unity Mind” through guided meditations and visualizations so you can develop your own intuitive channels for guidance, self healing, empowerment, knowledge and wisdom that can help you to live a life on purpose.


Archiving your Lower Self while connecting with your Higher Self…


Our soul carries a ancient library of information inside itself that can be accessed to the level we can handle. This information contains thoughts and emotions we have once experienced in this lifetime and perhaps even in previous lifetimes and parallel universes. Every emotion (Energy in Motion) can get stuck as a splinter in our body, mind & soul sending out his energy/vibration soul-readinginto the Universe. Through the Law of Vibration, Attraction and Law of Deservedness you keep on creating and attracting based on what you send out. Your ego is nothing more then a survival mechanism that reacts on every circumstance in your present moment. It reacts in the way it already knows and once experienced before, projecting your believes and past experiences in the present moment with the expectation it becomes your future as well. Meaning we are all a slave of our ego.
I would like to say that our ego is also like a librarian that goes into our subconsciousness mind and access our library of thoughts and emotions. If you don’t learn how to organize this library your ego is basically in control.
When you learn to do the work of the Mind Hacker – organizing your inner library through Self Actualization work you will eventually get more in touch with your Higher Self and Intuition. Through your Higher Self & Intuition you will be more open to receive Insights, Inspiration & Wisdom from a Higher Intelligence. I mean look at our technological evolution – that only improved that fast since the last 70 years, where did that suddenly came from?
Jean-Paul here feel free to surf around and I am looking forward to connect with you very soon.
Have a awesome day!


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