What Do I Want To Do With My Life? Discover 1 Simple Solution To Open Up a Door To Answers…

So many of us are wondering around a bit lost, stuck and hopeless in what is it that they should be doing. Also I asked myself the question What is It That I Want To Do With My Life? I mean not just getting a job to pay the bills, but doing something you truly love and enjoy doing. Do something that can bring you a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, right?

If that is what you’re looking for then I suggest you watch the following video where I dive deep into figuring out or finding to key to what it is that you can do with your life.


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The key to find out what it is that you should be doing with your life?

The key is to get in touch with your emotions so you can sharpen and develop your intuitive senses. We all have intuition, it’s our inner GPS that tells us what is right for us or not. It’s our internal guidance system that can lead us to our purpose; meaning living a life we love and enjoy!

Unfortunately it seems many people (including myself for many years) have been suppressing their emotions therefore they can’t feel what is right for them. They do things based from their Ego Centric Lower Self which means living a life from fear, survival, limitations, separation and scarcity.

How do you know if you live a life from your Lower Self?

Like I asked you in the video; the roads you currently are traveling on; does it feel like it gives you the same experience and outcomes? Outcomes that constantly feel like a dead end? If so then first of all congratulations because you are still able to feel something.

Your ego is holding on to all to your past experiences. Your intuitionHiding behind mask leads you into new unknown and yet to be explored experiences. These new experiences will make you grow as a human being and will give you more joy, passion, excitement and fulfillment. Your ego is your survival mechanism that perhaps you needed in times where you got overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. Because some of these emotions might have been identified as painful you now have created some protection layers in order not to feel that much anymore.


The ego is just like a librarian that can access to all your past memories, thoughts and emotions and project that into the present moment with the expectation that will become your future as well. Until you do the work of the ‘Mind-Hacker’ you keep on creating and attracting the same things over and over again because that’s what you’re holding on to.

Mind with chaos

What if you completely desensitized yourself, don’t or can’t feel anything anymore and don’t care about anything including yourself and your life?

In my video I spoke a bit about Apathy. A great Vlogger and Spiritual Teacher Teal Swan speaks about Apathy, where it comes from and how to cure it.

2 Tips on developing a sense of Emotional Intelligence and clear up your internal mess…

First of all keep yourself asking the question of ‘What Was I Thinking That Created This In The First Place.’ Asking yourself these type of questions will give you a higher sense of Self Reflection. Also this will help you to get some old thinking patterns to the surface so you can make a decision to let them go. When you subscribe to my mailing I give you a more advanced video that explains on how to let go of these old thinking patterns.

Second is off course meditation. Calming the mind do not only help you to reduce stress or anxiety but also it can help you to step above your lower self and connect with your higher self. Also I will speak more about that when you subscribe to my mailing.

Did you got any new insights from the video I made for you or do you have any further questions? Please let me know by leaving your comments below and feel free to share this knowledge with the world…

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