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Resistance to Change Change is difficult not changing is fat.Resistance to change, we all want something different, better, bigger and more vibrant. Yet when we try to make that change there is always a part in us that is actually resisting that change. What is it, why we have that resistance and how can we overcome it?

In the next video plus blog post we dive deep in the subject of what resistance to change really is, why we have it and what we can do about in order to Unlock this Abundance Block. So with no further ado, enjoy and have fun with taking in your new awareness.

Overcome The Resistance to Change | Unlock Your Abundance Block 1/24


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What Abundance Really Means to Me…

When we think about Abundance we think for example about having a ton of money, cashflow,Embrace freedom and transformation surrender residual income etc. And yes that might definitely a big part of it, but I would see that more as the fruits on top of the cake. The manifestations that came to the Surface but not without experiencing the FULL integration of Abundance. A Abundant flow of Joy, Love, Bliss, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Creativity, Productivity, Gratitude and all these great feelings. These feelings are in matter of fact the fundamental blocks for creating Abundance.

I see therefore Abundance as a State of Being; Being in the flow of Inspiration (Inspirations means to me to Be In Spirit), receiving Inspiration from the Universe and let it express by and through you. Become fully present in your joy like there is no tomorrow. Give without Expectations from the most purest and most Authentic version of Yourself.

Unfortunately this is not really the type of flow we think about because of our societal programming which REALLY puts more the focus on Consumerism & Materialism. Therefore we believe that when we don’t HAVE certain type of things in our life we don’t belong or are not good enough.

Or we might have a idea that inspires us but we don’t believe we can turn that idea, passion or inspiration into a business providing real solutions, products and services to people. If you do have a idea, inspiration, expertise or passion but have no idea how to package that into a product and market it then I can suggest you have a look at the ideas from Top Marketer Russell Brunson.


The most challenging part for most people is to really figure out what it is that really inspire and excites them. Something they can do all day long without even get paid for it. And give without expectations. Well at least that has been my major challenge in life so far.

That’s why I am following AGAIN the Unlimited Abundance Challenge from Christie Marie Sheldon because I want to work and live more from the heart and create a healthy balance between Giving and Receiving. In case you wanna join me on this challenge then I suggest you subscribe to this mailing in order to get more info.

About my trial…

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How to Re-engineer your Manifestation Process?

Most people believe that they don’t have any power of their results, manifestations or even so called “circumstances”. They believe that life happens to them not because of them. The interesting and VERY Challenging way to gain more power over your manifestations is always to ask yourself “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” What was I thinking that created this in the first place?

letting goYou see no matter where you are right now your current manifestations are ALWAYS a result of your last Thinking Pattern and your overall State of Being. To change the frequency from your State of Being always reflect back. Asking these highly self responsible questions can help you to bring more awareness over your thoughts, emotions, feelings, believes and your entire self image. When there is awareness you then have the change to change these believes but simple asking yourself the question if you want to let them go, can I let them go and when? NOW!? Great! Time to release your baggage and move on!

Why do we have resistance against our own flow and getting into alignment with our joy?

Our soul is much wiser then our mind and through your intuition you can get in touch with your Our-Deepest-Fears-Marianne-Williamsonsoul (your essence), yet it seems that our mind is constantly winning the game of who is right. We tend to hold on to that what is most familiar and we are doing very hard our best to adapt and to fit in, playing small and little. Therefore what we fear most is NOT that we are not good enough or inadequate but that we are POWERFUL beyond measure and what are rational mind can ever comprehend.

It’s like we came here as Pure Light & Love but because of how we are formed by external influences we seems to have covered our soul with a layer of dirt. NOW it’s the time to wash off this layer of dirt and shine our own Light again. Remember who we TRULY are!

Women covered in mud dirt


How I created my own Resistance to Change…

Our Ego which is our “Physical Identity” or Self Image is constantly trying to hold on to things what it already knows. It’s holding on to the illusion of when we do the things we are most familiar with then we can feel safe and secure. Our intuition however is constantly guiding us into new roads we haven’t explored before, yet there is where we can find our excitement, joy and fulfillment. A child knows this intuitively very well but we as adults seems to have forgotten. It’s like we are suppressing the things that makes us feel alive. Why?

Because we as adults have experienced more losses, pain and so called failures in the eyes of others and according to societal expectations. Because of that we stopped exploring the unknown and are now dealing with the epidemic of BOREDOM.

Balance mental and emotional health

As I grew older (now early 30’s) I noticed this very well for myself. Started a couple of businesses, had some small victories but also some losses and “failures.” Now I tell myself that I can’t be bothered anymore to chase after my own dreams because what does it matter anyway? When I make money, I blow it anyway! Or doing marketing & sales is way to boring so why bother…? Or I know what I enjoy… but then I need to market my videos and stuff and that is… argh… you get the point I guess? I do create resistance for myself so that’s why I started to study the Unlimited Abundance Challenge AGAIN for the third or fourth time now because I discovered that I constantly learn something new.

You see it ain’t money you are resisting because money is just a tool to give you the freedom of choice, options and access to the world. What you are resisting is YOURSELF!

Agree or don’t agree? Let me know by leaving your comments below…

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