Journey with me to Eastbourne UK where I share my personal experience of a Shamanic Journey…

shamanic journeyingFrom the 7th of April 2017 until 9th of April I traveled to Eastbourne for a Shamanic Journey, a retreat close to the beautiful cliffs England has to offer. What you are about to discover is my own personal experience with Shamanism, the visions I have seen and the healings I have channeled and experienced.  You can either choose to watch the short 8 min recap video or the total video blog of 40 min where I share everything I have experienced during the meditations and healings. Also that video comes with a bit of landscape photography and my hiking travel towards the retreat.

Shamanic Journeying from transmitting Star Frequencies to exploring the plant energy healing world…

Watch below the full length of my Shamanic Journey. Please note that the audio quality of pretty poor. If you prefer to read the full experience or watch the short recap version then please scroll down.

From London to Eastbourne which is a small village near the coast of the South of England.

Escaping London to breath the fresh air of the coast was already a uplifting experience as I feel that the energy in the city is sometimes pulling me a bit down. Or perhaps it’s my own frequencies that didn’t really matched up with this fast paced world. Anyway my goal was to hike from Eastbourne to the retreat which is more countryside located.

I noticed on the map it would only take me 2,5 hours walking but by the time I reached the retreat I passed 4,5 hours hiking. I can’t complain because the views were absolutely breathtaking.



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The new insight I got when I approached the seaside of Eastbourne was that spiritual development is sometimes just like online advertising. You constantly need you tweak your path to see what’s working. When it comes to advertising you seek for the ads that are converting and which don’t. For spirituality (lifting your vibration) you constantly are adjusting your sails to tune in. To find what’s working for you that makes you feel alive.

What I am working on and what I am trying the achieve during the workshop.

Eventually we all would like to learn how to master the ego-centric Lower Self and connect with our Higher Self. For me it’s also to feel more confident about providing a healing solution to the world and make a living with working from the heart. As I have been through my spiritual awakening since 2012 I had to go through a burn out and several depressions in order to get rid of my working addiction/distraction.

What I realized during my hiking trip of 4,5 hours over the cliffs…

I have to be total honest with you. I totally underestimated the distance and length of the hiking trip. However the insight I got was that when you put your mind to something the body will follow. I have no problems to do some physical exercise as I am also in to Crossfit 3 times a week. However I noticed that when it came to work related topics that my level of apathy would sabotage any type of success even before I got started. Or had this to do that after decades of struggling to find my way in life that I still had not found my true gifts and talents?

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Exploring the Star Frequencies…

Connect to star energiesArrived at the retreat I discovered not only a beautiful location in the country side but also with what star frequency I resonated with the most. After our vegetarian diner we went straight to work. Our shaman channeled various star frequencies from the Pleiadian which is more about unconditional love (personally I experienced a harmonies energy falling down on the group), Sirius B which is about sound frequencies (personally I felt something shifting in my third eye), Arcturians who are master healers, engineers and are highly advanced beings. For me this one was the most powerful experience where I felt immediately two beams of light coming into my hands, I felt my lightbody raised up and it was their engineering reconstructed something with my DNA. The message I got from the Arcturians was that I had to work more closely with them as a channel in order to send more healing energy to people and the planet. The last star frequency came from the Orions. I felt guided to hold my own hands in front of my heart in order to extract all the dense energy that was still stuck in there and was holding my back. It felt like a extraordinary cosmic event took place.

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Healing the Inner Child, filling up the needs that were never met…

During the evening we were sitting near the bonfire and the fire touched a bit my lower chakras. For Inner Childme it was like right now I feel powerful, inspired and connected but I know from personal experience that once I am back in the ‘normal world’ I lose my connection, trying to adapt and fit in again.

When it comes to my work/career I have been struggling for a very long time to do something I truly enjoy and love doing. I have no problems learning new skills but once I learned it I got bored and want to move on to the next thing. Also I couldn’t really find any true fulfillment in marketing a online business therefore I became a bit apathetic as well. What I discovered or learned from the last months working on this topic that was still daunting on me was that I suppressed my emotions from a very young age in order to survive and be the emotional caretaker/pleaser for one of my parents. Therefore I couldn’t really experience joy, love, abundance and fulfillment. Eventually and the end of the workshop I received a new insight so keep on reading…

Connecting with the dimension of plant medicines…

garden-of-edenAs soon as we went into the meditation to connect with the gatekeeper he welcomed me back home and suggested to hurry up because there is work to do. After I entered the gate I was back home in my Garden of Eden, a beautiful paradise with plants that were holding various light frequencies. Healing Frequencies that were connected to the Arcturians. Because I was the one who was managing all the frequencies or being the keeper of this garden I saw myself as a much younger, joyful and playful soul who was creating recipes from the various plants for maintaining a much bigger vortex. A vortex that brought a instant healing to anyone who liked to stand in to it. When I turned my face away from the garden I noticed a very large horde of people who were lining up for healing. By just standing in the vortex they were able to walk in the Garden of Eden.

The biggest insight I got from doing this was that we as Lightworkers/Starseeds DON’T HAVE to do anything, we just need to BE there as a Receiver of the Healing Light Frequencies we are able to tune into. Receive it and send it out to to others and the world.

Can we bend or manipulate time in order to manifest faster and effortlessly?

Meditation with cosmosWhen it comes to work, it’s our duty, obligation and responsibility to align ourselves with our purpose, ALIGNMENT is the key! Act to the insights and inspirations you receive from your Higher Self. Act upon will create a even bigger uplifting experience for yourself, others and the world. Step more into a joyful experience (by simply creating for the joy of creating) without any expectations on outcomes will make you feel more present. When you are more present in your joyful state you are not longer attached to your past that you are projecting in the present with the expectation that becomes your future as well. When you are more present in producing for making a bigger contribution you start to manifest effortlessly.

Meeting my Dragon again…

The Dragon Energy in Shamanism is about Wisdom, Personal Power & Encouragement. The Green Dragon of Wisdom Gatekeeper to Uncondtional Lovefirst time I had to meet my dragon in his cave it wanted to fly and have freedom. Now when I met my dragon in this meditation it wanted to chill out and relax a bit. He was a bit tired of being in a constant battle because he shifted his energy. He wanna to let me know that he was always by my side and always will be and that I can access him anytime I want. However he had to let me know that I don’t need him that much anymore. He showed me that right now he has a different kind of job to do, a different kind of assistance to give. He showed me again how I was working with my energy vortex for healing people. He was now more of a gatekeeper to have a eye on who is entering the Garden of Eden, making sure that only people with the right type of intention would enter. Because now more and more people where leaving ‘The Dark World’ of our EGO there was now more space required to expand the ‘Green Paradise World’, the world of Unconditional Love; aka The 5th Dimension. His job was to fly over the Dark World and transform it into the Green World with his fire.


Fulfilling unfulfilled needs…

Surrender to the Universe

As mentioned before about healing the inner child; The second evening we had to burn what we wanna to let go of. For me it was the needs that were never met so I can surrender to the unconditional love from the universe and all the wisdom and support it has to offer. Simply by surrendering and aligning myself with my purpose.

The 2 Biggest Insights and Take Away’s From The Retreat;

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