What kind of Meditation Classes in London should you attend?

Meditation Class LondonWhen it comes to Meditation Classes in London there is a wide variety of Meditation Classes you can attend. Classes that varies from Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual Healing to even a Walking Meditation in the Outdoors for those who can’t or don’t like to sit still and feel very connected to nature. In the next video I share the difference between Indoor Meditation vs Outdoor Meditation and why I believe Walking Meditations are more beneficial to those who would like to connect more to their own Intuition & Higher Self.

My view on Meditation Classes in London;


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What I have spoke about in the video when it comes to Meditation Classes in London;

Of course you can go to regular meditation classes in London which you can easily find on Meetup.com.  You can find my Meditation Class under Reflectiontime, if you wish to find other indoor meditation classes then go to the main page, search and select the Health & Wellness category. See image below;

Meditation Classes in London on Meetup

The reason I go myself to various meditation classes is of course to experience more Inner Peace, connect with my Core Essence and for Spiritual Energy Healing.

The beauty of a indoor meditation class is that you can find a private area with no distractions which is great to practice visualizations, and imaginations (specially for beginners). The challenge for some people (including myself) can be to sit still (on the floor) for quite some time.

What is the type of class that I would join?

Shamanic Journey

Except from my own meditation classes which I organize in Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park I also love to attend workshops & retreats about Shamanic Healing & Energy Healing. In case you would like to learn more about that you can read & watch my full Shamanic Journey right here.

If a regular indoor meditation class can work so great (which it does) then why attend a outdoor meditation walk to practice mindfulness?

Like just mentioned before a indoor meditation class can sometimes be challenging for people who don’t like to sit still on the floor and would rather walk around a bit. In matter of fact a walking meditation is a very common practice in Buddhism. Meditation is not something what you “DO” it’s a “State of Being”, it’s who you are! You could even be in a meditative state while at work, traveling, having diner, socializing with friends or anything else. Walking meditations is just another tool to get into a Meditative State which is in the “Alpha Zone.” To learn more about Indoor vs Outdoor Meditation I can suggest you watch this video (click here).

Brain waves

While you are ‘doing’ your meditation walk instead you focus on all your thoughts and busyness from your daily life you shift your focus to observing your environment and your breath. The reason you need to shift your focus is because you can never really shut down your thoughts; aka your “Monkey Mind.”

Doing so makes you feel more presence and that’s the “place” where you can start to connect more with your Inner Being, your Core Essence or True Authentic Self. Getting in touch with your feelings is like a doorstep to Higher Consciousness; your Higher Self. Through your Higher Mind (Intuition) you can access your own Higher Self (Your Soul) for your own inner wisdom.

Practice Mindfulness by simply being in a Meditative State.

There is a difference between Mindfulness and Meditation which you can learn more about in this video. Meditation is getting into a State of Being and Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more aware over your thoughts and emotions. To learn more about How to Practice Mindfulness I can suggest to watch this video (click here).

When you clear negative thinking patterns and/or emotional blockages you get and stay more in touch with your True Authentic Self. When you achieve that level of being you create a life that you truly love and enjoy almost effortlessly. You become much more present in your day to day activities and you start to create more simply for the joy of creating. You will also start to experience more freedom from so called ‘expectations’ you put on yourself, from society and others. This type of freedom is what I would like to call; True Authentic Personal Freedom.

You will become more Centered Between Your Lower Self & Higher Self. Meaning; creating a healthy balance between your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energy. Being centered means living more from the Heart; creating a healthy balance between Giving & Receiving.

When do you know when you are NOT connected with your True Authentic Self or your Core Essence?

When you are not connected with your True Authentic Self you can experience everything except the expansive vibration or experience of Unconditional (Self) Love or Above. Think about Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Depression, Guilt Shame, Desire (in the sense of lack & limitation), etc.

What I mean with the expansive vibration of Love or Above is something you can read/watch more about in the Love or Above Review which is a online meditation course about “Raising Your Vibration to Self Love or Above.”

Does it all still make sense, do you now got a better understanding of what you can find in the various Meditation Classes in London?

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