My “Love or Above Review” – Is Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon any good, and will it work for you?

Christie Marie Sheldon creator of Love or AboveIn This Love Or Above Review by Christie Marie Sheldon we will have a in-depth look at where this program is all about and if this is something for you. Love or Above is a personal development home study course by intuitive life coach and energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon. As a young child she always knew she had a special gift which she has developed over the years. Now she has helped over 20,000 people to Raise their Frequency/Vibration through her spiritual energy healing work and personal coaching. Unfortunately as her time is limited in helping the amount of people she has developed a program where people can follow her guided meditations. To get a taste of how that feels you can download her FREE Energetic Toolkit right here.

In case you already did that and wish to hear my personal experience with the program or see the live dashboard then please watch the video below:

In my video I spoke about my personal masterclass about shifting you vibrational state of being into Unconditional Love. In case you have not seen it yet you can sign up here at The Unity

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So why Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon?

We have all gone through various experiences in our life. Could be in relationships, health, career, business and/or finances. Some of these experiences are nice and stays with as a very nice memory. However many of these experiences were less pleasant and also stays with us. One of the famous scientist once said; That if you want to understand the universe you have to think in frequency and vibrations.


Now here is why this is important to understand; all your thoughts, emotions, feelings and believes also contains a frequency and vibration. You might have heard about The Law of Attraction and the famous movie and book The Secret which also explained how our thinking and state of being influence our manifestations. The Law of Attraction is actually activated by The Law of Vibration. So all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you hold in your subconsciousness mind keeps sending out his energy/vibration into the universe. The Law of Vibration then will activated the Law of Attraction and though the Law of Deservedness you keep attracting what you are sending out.

Christie Marie Sheldon explains this very clear in her Vibrational Frequency Chart which you can learn more about in her Free Energetic Toolkit. 

My version of the vibrational frequency chart inspired by Love or Above;

vibrational frequency chart Vibrational-Scale-of-Consciousness

As you can see all the emotions below love gives you more of a contracted life experience. Everything above Love or Above gives you a expanded life experience. When you DO what you LOVE DOING MOST you will not only attract financial abundance for example but you will also experience more joy, bliss, fulfillment and satisfaction. You will start to create more for the joy of creating.

What you will find inside the program Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon;

A review ain’t a review if I don’t go more into depth of the program itself. So let’s move on with the Love or Above Review, shall we?

I have decided to create a second video part that reveals the dashboard of the program and the actually exercises and if I can still endorse this program in 2017/2018 after several years I have been through the course myself.


Inside the course you will find the following exercises and meditations;

Module 1; Higher Vibrations and you.

  • Introduction to Higher Vibrations and you.
  • Christie experiences as a Intuitive Healer.
  • The Vibrations Scale.
  • Introduction to the energy of Gratitude.
  • Raise your vibrations with the Gratitude Exercise
  • Introduction to Muscle Testing.
  • Muscle Testing Video.

Total study time; 1 hour.

Module 2; Intuitive Living.

  • Introduction to Intuitive Living.
  • How to ask Life Changing Questions.
  • Introduction to Feeling your Intuitive Senses.
  • How to feel your Intuitive Senses Exercise.
  • Practicing feeling your Intuitive Senses
  • Raising your vibrations by letting go of judgment.

Total study time; 53 min.

Module 3; Connecting to your Higher Self.

  • Introduction to Connecting to your Higher Self.
  • Christie’s interaction Meeting her Guides and Angels.
  • Connecting to your Guides meditation.
  • Divinely Wise Self Meditation.
  • Journal reminder.

Total study time; 57 min.

Module 4; The Energetic Soul Cleansing Formula.

  • Introduction to The Energetic Soul Cleansing Formula.
  • How to Heal Your Body by Changing Your Energy.
  • The Energy Radar.
  • Who is Draining You?
  • The Energy Detox Exercise.
  • Introduction to Cutting Cords Meditation.
  • Cutting Cords Meditation.
  • Clearing a Space.
  • Journaling session.

Total study time; 1 hour.

Module 5; The Art of Choosing Your Reality.

  • Introduction to The Art of Choosing Your Reality.
  • Vision Board Energizer.
  • The Key to Self Mastery.
  • Create your Vision Board Exercise.
  • Raise your Vibrations with fun.
  • Blessing ball of Light Exercise.

Total study time; 53 min.

Module 6; The Planetary Shift of Consciousness Begins at Home.

  • Introduction to The Planetary Shift of Consciousness Begins at Home.
  • Spiritual First-Aid Kit of Families Exercise.
  • How to Live In a Energy of Love & Gratitude Exercise.
  • Raise your Consciousness with Blessings.
  • Raise Awareness in your family.
  • Heart Center Awakening Meditation.
  • Visualize Your Perfect Family Meditation.

Total study time; 1 hour.

Bonus Module; Intimate Interviews On The Future Purpose of Humanity.

  • Raising Conscious Kids.
  • Indigo Generation.
  • Future Purpose of Humanity.

Total study time; 58 min.



My Personal Experience with Love or Above from Christie Marie Sheldon.

I got this program back in 2013 when I just came to London from Holland. I was in a very difficult situation during that time. My internet business in Holland collapsed, I was dealing with a burn-out, high levels of anxiety and depression. I couldn’t and didn’t want to work for several months until my savings dried up. I jumped from job to job. Eventually I got my license as a Private Hire Driver in London doing airport runs. When I had to wait for my next customer I was plugged in the system and felt guided by her intuitive and inspiring meditations. I had to learn to practice Self Awareness and dealing with my High Sensitivity.

Personally I found the Cutting Cords meditation very powerful and actually felt that something was releasing. Also the Muscle Testing Exercise and the “Life Changing Questions” is something I still use today.

What I didn’t like or at least I had to get used to was the constant giggle from Christie Marie. It’s not that worse but I can imagine that some people can feel bothered by it. Also the module about raising kids was something that didn’t appealed that much to me as I don’t have kids. However I do agree with her point of views and do understand the importance of it.

My rating;

I would say 9 out of 10 because of the price/value ratio. Also it was a HUGE stepping stone for me. Her visions is something that gave me a important base as a empath. Something I can build upon for years to come.

And you, have you been through the program yourself yet? Would you like to share your personal experiences? Do you have any questions? Do feel free to leave your comments below. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing so I can send you my Bonus Video about “Jumping Back Into Your Core Essence” and Raising Your Vibration. You can do that when you go to TheUnityMind.

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