How To Practice Mindfulness? 2 Simple Ways To Get Your Thoughts Away From Your Busy Life & Stress And Experience More Inner Peace…

How to practice mindfulnessIn my previous video where I explained the difference between Mindfulness vs Meditation we now have a look to How to Practice Mindfulness. When it comes to practicing mindfulness we think we should eliminate all our thinking which sounds very discouraging. In matter of fact it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE! The purpose of mindfulness is NOT about shutting down all your thinking but simply…. well that is what I will explain in the next video.



Is practicing mindfulness about shutting down your mind?

Come on inner peace I dont have all day

So there you have it! You now know that practicing mindfulness is NOT about shutting down your thoughts and even further suppress your feeling but simply become more aware of them. Your thoughts and emotions can work as a doorstep to higher consciousness and to connect with your inner being. Therefore mindfulness (becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions) is a very powerful tool in your personal development / self actualization process.

Why should you practice mindfulness?

We came to earth with a empty glass ready to be filled up with beLIEves from our environment, school, society, work, parents, family, friends, religion and so on. Many of these believes aren’t not always in align with that what serves us in the best way to feel happy. These believes plays a very big role in the conditioning of our mind. Like a software program! When this software program becomes outdated because it’s causing errors such as depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health challenges you need to erase that what is not longer serving you.

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So what are the 2 ways to become more mindful?

Like I said in the video my suggestion or preferred way is to get out in nature, walk slowly, focus on my breath and focus on observing my environment. Doing so will simply shift my focus from my thinking, worries or whatever that is keeping me busy in the stories and drama’s I keep telling myself. This will help me to become more present in the HERE & NOW. Try to look very interesting compositions like you are walking in a art museum. I think mother nature is one of the talented artists that exist. Also watch my video about Indoor vs Outdoor Meditation.

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