Short Inspirational Video For Lightworkers…

Just playing with some words, music and images. Drops of Inspiration is a metaphysical poet that goes about the messages we receive. Anyway enjoy it!


Like to read the text as well?

Every drop of inspiration fallen from the heavens which chooses you as the receiver is your gift. A gift that goes from a ripple into a powerful wave will eventually goes back to his source so it can repeat itself.

However many of these drops dont find their way back home. Many of these drops of inspirations gets lost and stuck in our filters, the filters of our mind.

Our mind will judge the drops of inspiration that we receive. The filters in our mind will judge the drops of inspiration based on how he sees itself, not how it is.

Every drop of inspiration has only 1 purpose and that is to connect with his ocean because he knows that when we serves his ocean, his ocean will serve him in finding his way back home.

And how you know what? We are these drops of inspiration or at least that is what we are trying to remember.

You had already the privilege to receive the drops of inspiration so know its your job to let others remember. Remember how to receive the gifts you have to share with the world. The solutions, ideas and inspirations.

We all think we want or need our surface desires. But the problem is we think to much and feel to little. What we really want is the experience that let us remember to find our way back home. Do you believe you have what it takes to remember so you can let others remember?

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