Who is Jean-Paul Blommaert?


ZierikzeeI grew up in small town called Zierikzee near the coast of South West Holland in a province called “Zeeland.” My farther had a driving school in the “good old days” and we had it pretty good. He had several motor yachts and I got a small sailing boat for children called a “optimist.” My farther encouraged me to sell my old grandmothers stuff on annual markets when I was around 8 years old. My first year I remembered I payed for my own first radio cassette and the next year a radio with CD Player. Do you noticed that we remember all the accomplishments we once experienced?


My Journey from Survival to Awakening…

happy-babyWhy are we not all spiritual enlighten, why do we struggle and suffer? We come on this earth as pure consciousness, unconditional love. When we grow older we adapt to a environment that can be harsh and from a lower vibration. We close down to protect ourselves and lose the connection with our core essence to avoid any further pain. If some of us would come here as Spiritual Enlighten Beings (which we all can women-multidimensionalpotentially be) who come to bring great wisdom they would be misunderstood. The Truth they bring would be to painful to understand. And as our history shows they would be killed in cold blood. If we all would live in paradise without the knowledge or experience of what it’s like to suffer and struggle we couldn’t recognize or appreciate the paradise we can create and experience. Humanity never ever made any sin, it has all been designed that way so we can Remember our True Self.

My desire to connect back with my own True Self began with my own struggles. Here is how my story continues…

My life however turned completely around at the age of 10 years old. My parents went through a divorce and I resisted the change to live with my mother in a completely strange town. I walked away a few times and eventually my farther decided to hire a lawyer to win the custody over me. My first case in courthouse was when I was 11,5 years old and the second when I was 12 because the judge declared that someone from my age can’t or shouldn’t have a free will.

Eventually I was able to live with my farther but on the terms of a “child protection scheme” Divorced parents with money problems and fighting over custodybecause they thought my farther wouldn’t be a good farther. My farther was in a battle against my mother not only to fight against her ideas but also to win the custody over my younger brother. Case after case he lost. He wasted tons of money into his lawyer, his business suffered tremendously and I was a witness of several seizures. It was not just the financial devastation also the mental and emotional struggle was our day to day life.

Smoking teen with hoodyI started with smoking when I was 12, working and drinking when I was 14 and I already worked 50 to 60 hours a week in a restaurant when I was 16 years old. Working was for me like a way to be away from home and to suppress my emotions, also addictions are a way out when we are not “connected”. When I was 17 years old I changed my job from working in a restaurant to a local Mercedes-Benz company. That was the age where I got inspired by local entrepreneurs. I noticed that there were people doing actually very well so I wondered and asked how they did it. How they were able to afford such precious vehicles. I really enjoyed that job as I was eager to listen and learn to what they had to say. From cleaning cars I started to help customers in the showroom when I was 17-18 years old with making test drives, having conversions while the salesman was busy and giving them coffee.

Mercedes Benz showroom

When I was 20 years old I figured that cleaning cars was something I could easily offer to local car companies as a Self Employed so I created a “Self Created J.O.B.” which was actually quite fun at that age. I invested over €1000 in car-cleaning equipment and offered my car-cleaning Prindle ikkeservices to local dealerships and within 2 weeks I was break-even. Soon I had a few regulars clients such as another Mercedes Benz dealer. I was able to drive a better car, bought a Catamaran sailing-boat and traveled to Peru (2007). Oh btw I was still in college… when I came out of High School I was sick and tired of the school system and I wanna to join the Dutch Marine Corps. My farther convinced me to go to college so I joined the Shipping & Transport College in Rotterdam. I had actually no idea what to do but I saw a friend doing that so that’s why I went.

Flinter office5 years later and 3 very painful and boring internships at various logistic corporations I decided to sell my cleaning equipment when I graduated and apply for a corporate job in the shipping industry as a shipping agent. I could’t breath a “normal 9-5” so that’s why I became a Shipping Agent so I could visit the ships in the port at unregulated times (24-7). I liked the flexible hours. But before I started this new job I first went to Spain to study some Spanish and date another girl (2008). I came back to Holland with pain in my heart to start that new job. Within weeks I became depressed and felt I didn’t “fit in.”


Cashflow Quadrant

(Sept. 2009) 13 months later I decided to leave the corporate job and start my own online business so I could live happily all after in Spain. I attended a few internet marketing workshops, invested in a €3000 course, read a few personal development books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, Think & Grow Rich and many more and believed I could do this and be FREE! I started a drop-shipping business by reselling Led Lights. Long story short but early 2010 I was running out of all my savings and hit rock bottom. Had to gave up my rent and had to go back to my farther’s place. He thought I lost my mind and kicked me out to my mother’s place. From that age (23) I began to heal my relationship with my mother.

I began with blogging because I believed the world needed to know about the wisdom from Robert Kiyosaki and called my blog “Hoederijkenrijkenworden” (How The Rich Get Richer). Also I wrote a lot about personal development, did YouTube video’s and shared it on Facebook. After a while I was generating around 2-5 leads daily (all organically).

Chase moneyAs inpatient I was and hunger to make money online I promoted all sorts of offers. From Affiliate to Network Marketing but didn’t got much of response. Unconsciously I positioned myself in the “Make Money Online / Biz Opp Seeker” market and as you might know this is a type of audience that prefers “push button solutions” instead of working a REAL BUSINESS. 2,5 years later (Sept 2011) I came a across a guy who was making money with so called Traffic Exchangers / HYIP’s. In case you never heard about it; never mind and forget it. It’s crap!

Money pitfall

Nevertheless I was hungry, didn’t care and wanna to have a quick fix for my money problems so I promoted a deal to my list which was already over 1200 subscribers. They dove all in and DSC_0940purchased a ton of traffic packs. Finally I was making money I saw my income growing from a few thousands to €10,000 and even over €15,000 a month. Didn’t knew what was going on, quit immediately my job in the docks, purchased a new car and went on a European Road-trip with my new girlfriend. Times were great and I thought I “was all there,” never have to worry about money again. But I think you can guess what happened?

End 2012 the end of the world happened. All these crappy programs collapsed and stopped paying out. Lost the trust with my list and completely burned out my list by offering way to many other money making programs. April 2013 I did not only burned out my list but also myself.

DSC_0189I moved to London to live with my current girlfriend and to start all over. After a while I found a new job as a Internet Marketing Executive for a software company but within 2 weeks they realized I wasn’t the kind of marketer they were looking for so I was again with no job and income whatsoever. Also I went to a few other Internet Marketing seminars and workshops. I always tried to network with the speakers. One of them noticed I wasn’t a beginner so he invited me to a VIP meeting with a investor in one of the London skyscrapers. There were also many other internet entrepreneurs making 5 figures a month. I didn’t, I pretended but was flat-broke and rock-bottom. I was feeling depressed, burned-out and I didn’t believe I was in the right place.

Long story short but in the 2,5 years I was London I jumped from Taxi job to Taxi job to figure out that London wasn’t the place for me.


At the end of 2015 I got back in the shipping industry in Rotterdam with a flexible job, a new apartment near the beach and time to recover. I continued my journey to Remember…

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What is your story, your dreams and goals?